The Light Escaping

by Autarch

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Vinyl will be released in early October via The Plague of Man Records, Replenish Records, and Profane Existence.

ALL PROCEEDS FROM DOWNLOADS IN THE MONTH OF AUGUST 2019 WILL BE DONATED TO CIMA'S WNC SANCTUARY MOVEMENT FUND. These donations help raise funds for legal expenses that undocumented immigrants facing legal actions may require and raise funds for expenses associated with ensuring sanctuary.

Fore more information:

Compañeros Inmigrantes de las Montañas en Accion

"CIMA connects, strengthens and organizes communities to take action for immigrants rights in Western North Carolina. CIMA strives for inclusive communities with justice, freedom, and equality for all.

Hence, at its heart, CIMA/ WNC Sanctuary Movement is an extension of this mission. Sanctuary, as defined by CIMA, is a space for refuge for all targeted communities such as black and brown bodies, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, the Latinx community, etc. We are committed to weaving an intersectionality of protection, active resistance, education, resilience, resources, healing, critical thinking, contemplative action and transformation.

As a Latinx led organization, our efforts have focused on resisting oppression and mobilizing for a “positive place” for targeted and Latinx communities, one in which families can live their lives without fear of sudden detainment or deportation. We understand that our work in protecting the Latinx community does not occur in isolation, but rather within a larger systemic and historical context of oppression, racism, direct and indirect violence, ransacking our communities for profit, criminalization, dehumanization and the over policing of communities of color. The framework of our work is that of solidarity.

We are a multi-faceted community coalition. "


releases October 10, 2019

Guitars, bass, and drums recorded by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business.
Vocals and violin recorded by James Pratt and Jason Cronk.
Mixed by Kris Hilbert.
Mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering.

Art by Alex CF


all rights reserved



Autarch Asheville, North Carolina

space-crust from Asheville, NC.

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Track Name: Aldebaran
What is it that draws us towards each other?
Is it the thought of dying alone,
Or do we merely gravitate towards warmth?
Huddled together against the deepening cold,
We shut our eyes to keep out the red light.
The eminent core collapse we will not witness.

Why do we amass in secret silent covenant?
Do we only seek acceptance, a sense of fleeting value,
Or do we gather in this shelter to feel alive
Without the stench of death lurking around every corner?
It still clings to every fiber of our armor,
Every thought polluted by its reek.

Hide in darkness no longer.
Stand and face that crimson dawn.
Turn back the blows we face.
Link arms. Advance as one.
Track Name: Mercury
Pull yourself in and isolate.
You can't hold the truth while you carry the heaviest weight.

Orbiting bodies still have horizons.
You can't see it, but the other side is there.
Follow the curve til you reach perihelion;
What you find there may be the end of you.

Shoot the messenger. Mercury rising.
Solar flare rushes to swallow us all.
Shield your eyes to the oncoming storm,
But every one of us is already gone.

In your life, did you ever foresee yourself
Standing on this shore,
Head in the sand but still convinced
You're breaking new frontiers of light?

Pull us all in and regulate.
"Why won't you help bear the weight of all this?"
You scream as you dig your heels in.

Shoot the messenger.
Mercury Rising.
Track Name: Saturn
Beyond the infinite my consciousness arrives,
Derived from dust and gas.
Incoherent babbling of cosmic radiation.
Can you feel the asynchronicity?
You can watch it all unravel.

Existence filtered through a grey cloud of matter,
Focused to a point sharp as tungsten.
Dark slate slug plunging through armor ten feet thick.
Implode the contents in blinding white light.

They say Saturn returns to us all,
But it was always there.

Pull down the rings to break the surface.
Track Name: Sol
Live forever.
“If your heart is free the ground you stand on is liberated territory.
Defend it!”
Your legacy is too bright
To blot out with shadow.
They will try,
But they will fail.
Live forever;
Martyrs do not die.
Track Name: Sagittarius A*
A temple raised to their ghosts.
A temple raised to raze their enemies.
Crowds swell with revelers.
Grounds swell with crushing waters.

Humanity's burden: pay off gods while sinning against them.
Cut their throats on the altar of shame.
Bury the memory of touch.

Metal minds and silicon hearts.
Molded to spec, martyred for peace.

"Seek not your purpose.
Your fate is death."
Track Name: Terra
Swing fast and fell every trunk in sight,
But you'll never force a path.

The ancient spirits of this forest
Await their vengeance.
In your arrogance you forget one thing:
Nature always wins.

The cosmos moves as one.
Numberless tons of matter
Expand and accelerate,
Sweeping everything in its oblivion march.

Your fucking pride will burn
In the celestial furnace.
Gravity and time will break your back,
Like you stomp on your servants,
In time.

We wait, but we do not sit idly.
Your heads will fall as well.