from by Autarch


What is it that draws us towards each other?
Is it the thought of dying alone,
Or do we merely gravitate towards warmth?
Huddled together against the deepening cold,
We shut our eyes to keep out the red light.
The eminent core collapse we will not witness.

Why do we amass in secret silent covenant?
Do we only seek acceptance, a sense of fleeting value,
Or do we gather in this shelter to feel alive
Without the stench of death lurking around every corner?
It still clings to every fiber of our armor,
Every thought polluted by its reek.

Hide in darkness no longer.
Stand and face that crimson dawn.
Turn back the blows we face.
Link arms. Advance as one.


from The Light Escaping, releases October 10, 2019
violin by Meg Mulhearn


all rights reserved



Autarch Asheville, North Carolina

space-crust from Asheville, NC.

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